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MOLAR Coalition is a dedicated group of concerned providers and social service agencies who are committed to addressing the oral health issues in our community. MOLAR Coalition is  Maricopa County’s Oral Health Coalition.

Our Mission: MOLAR is an alliance working to increase the ability of public and private organizations to improve the oral and overall health of their constituents.

Our Vision: MOLAR believes that everyone in Maricopa County should have accessible, affordable oral health care.




Bills have dropped for:
  • AHCCCS funding Pregnant women SB 1445 Sen. Yee sponsor
  • Dental Therapy SB 1377 Sponsor Sen. Barto
  • HB 2127 Prevents Automatic Freeze on Kids Care if federal funding drops below 100% sponsor Rep Cobb
  • SB 1470 Sunrise Process made easier sponsor Sen. Borrelli
  • SB 1445  passed from Senate-now in House
  • looks like SB 1377 will pass from Senate to House even with some opposition
  • HB 2127 seems to have good support - will continue to follow
  • SB 1470 seems to be doing ok - will continue to follow

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